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Apr 2018
As a kid I never wanted to be anything
Instead of doing anything of importance I questioned everything
Everything as in, why was the grass green?
What are clouds made of?
Who named the colors?
Why is blue a flavor and a color?
They where all pretty silly and had no meaning
Until I asked a question no one knows an answer to
What happens when we die?
At some point we have all asked this question to ourselves or others  
Knowing that no one knew the answer lead me to a notion of thinking in the fifth grade
If we don’t know what happens when we die is life pointless and we are all just waiting to die?  I asked this question my best friend at a sleepover
In response he said dude you’re overthinking because of all of the Mountain Dew
I shook this question off and walked life still questioning things
If god is real then why is there no prof?
What do you mean have faith there no way that there is a mystical man in the sky looking out for me!
Except when I questioned I started to argue back
This did not go well in school for me
I wanted to have a reason for everything
I was like a toddler that never grew out of the why phase
I continued life knowing I wanted to leave a mark in some way shape or form
As I grew older and matured I realized not everyone can leave a mark and it’s doubtful that I will ever even do any good
So I’m here now still a kid writing something down in hopes one day that my life will leave a mark
A legacy so that one day a kid will ask
Why did they die ?
In response someone will say
He questioned what happens when you die and one day he finally found out.
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