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Apr 2018
Does his thoughts still plague your mind?
Her voice was a mere whisper.
Barely audible to human ears
but echoing in the dark confines of my room.
'Not really' I replied back .
Just softly enough for her to hear.
Surely a small white lie
Wouldn't create a problem, right?
Because how can I tell her,
He is all I think about subconciously.
She, who is always there for me
Helping me move on
How can I tell her that the hours of hard work
went down the drain, in the blink of an eye.
How could I tell her that
His memories are burned into my mind.
His brown eyes,
deep enough for me to drown in.
His lopsided smirk
And his huge ego.
His warm hugs,
That always made me feel protected.
His rough hands, cupping my face
Feeling my cold skin
As he leans into kiss me
His full lips, moving over mine.
So softly and so pleasurably
That it has me spiralling
Into an eternal bliss.
So in my mind,
I apologise to her.
For being this way.
for not being able to forget
The one love, that left me
Broken like a fallen angel without wings.
I still find myself thinking about him.Not just at midnight but also during noon, when I am busy with work or just enjoying with friends.
Written by
Ijla  19/F/Maldives
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