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Mar 2018
Shoot first,
Ask later.

But how much is later?
Is it when he's dying on the sidewalk?
Is it when she's had a miscarriage
After the bullet lodged in the stomach?

Their adrenaline pumping.
"I can't breathe" he tries,
While cops hold tight
To the belief that they have a right
To choose who lives and dies.

Hand on the gun
Gun in the holster
"Hand's up", they yell.
Good behavior wasn't enough
To keep him out of a cell?

America is "Land Of The Free"
But only if he's white.
Only if he's male.

We've seen what people of color had.
Women's break was a tough one.
Muslims get a bad rep and anyone else
Is against us, America.

This is where we live.

Shoot to harm,
Only if in danger.

Ask questions,
Justified ones.

Whatever you do,
Be fair.
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