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Mar 2018
Black, white, and gray.
Black. White. Gray.
Black. White. Gray.
Black. White. Gray.
Black. White. Gray.
Black. White. Gray.
Black. White. Gray.
Black. White. Gray.
Black. White. Gray.
She was made of these. She was nothing more than simple combinations of black, white, and gray. It had been this way for as long as she could remember.
     But some people were different than her. They were made up of so much more than just black, white, and gray. They felt things far beyond her spectrum of understanding. They were more than those three colors. more than those simple components.
     She had heard of someone’s eyes “lighting up” before. She hadn’t understood. She had doubted its credibility.
     But then, she saw it. She had seen this happen! She had watched someone’s eyes sparkle like they were electric!
     She had heard laughter, so innocent, so joyous that she had no words.
How amazing this is when all she was just three colors?

     But then, her world… changed. Her once simple world, of black, white, and gray… Was different. Whenever she saw them, her world would explode with so many new colors. Her black, white, and gray hid when she neared them. Everything burst. These colors, these emotions that she had no idea how to describe. They have made her laugh. They had made her eyes light up like they were electric. She enjoyed their company so much, and yet…

How could she explain…

That still, deep down

She is still, and will never be anything more, than black, white, and gray?
Written by
Tana F Bridgers  24/F/United states
(24/F/United states)   
   Srijani Sarkar, -A-, deprivedkat and SPT
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