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Mar 2018
I'm at the age right now,
when parents tell you that you are having,
"Identity issues".

I have news for all of you,
I'm not.

It's the exact opposite.
I have found myself.
And I love myself.
It is not unhealthy to love and appreciate yourself.
It is unhealthy,
to change for someone else's benefit.
Yet, this is what most want us to do.

There is a difference between changing yourself,
to affect others in the way that you want to affect them,
versus changing yourself just because they say so.

I have found myself.
I'm sorry if you don't like it.
I'm sorry if we don't share beliefs or ideas or anything at all.

I am not sorry,
for being myself.

And I will continue to live this way.
Believing that I am,
who I am,
and quite frankly,
I am enough.

I don't need your validation.
I don't need your affirmation.
All I need,
is for you to not tell me,
that I have identity issues.
I know that we have all been there before. And if you haven't yet, you will eventually. Just remember this and you should turn out okay.
The Unsung Song
Written by
The Unsung Song  16/M/Springfield, MO
(16/M/Springfield, MO)   
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