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Mar 2018
Ariadne rose from bed.
Bernice slept on in sound
sleep. There was a beauty

there in that sound sleeping.
The way her fair hair lay on
the pillow. Her eyes closed

and the soft smooth lids.
The slim hands idle on the
covers of the bed. She stood

in the morning light and
stretched her arms upward
and outward. She would have

wished to stay in bed and
make love to Bernice but it
was time to shower and dress

and eat and prepare for work.
Bernice had the whole day off.
Ariadne went to the bathroom

and urinated then showered.
The water refreshed her and
washed away the stains of

sleep and ***. Stepped out
of the shower and dried herself
with rapid motions of the towel.

She dressed while Bernice slept.
Once dressed she breakfasted.
The radio played softly in the

background. Some pop music
and chat. Just as she was about
to go Bernice came in with that

sleepy gaze and soft ****** glow.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  73/M/England
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