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Mar 2018
Spring rain
And drips,
And drizzles,
Over vibrant flower petals
As moonlight filters through
Thick clouds to illuminate
Your eccentric hues.
And when the sunrise dawns
And reveals the morning dew,
I'll breath in deep the lovely scent,
Left behind by the enactment
of passion,
petrichor that tingles my mind
And fills me with both satiation,
And yearning for

Spring rain that
And abundantly pours
That meets between
The storms of our souls
As we float beneath the sheets
Intwined with eachother
Colors that are
blending on a palatte
Until the brush is released
To paint the artwork
On a new canvas
And the pen is unleashed
To engrave the timeless words
That dye and permeat you with
Permenant ink.

Just like that
I want to
Bring your love to me,
Make love to me
With the rejuvunating
energy of spring.
Written by
JJRKelly  24/M/Chicago
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