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Mar 2018
I don't really care anymore
I wanna get out of this place

This world failed
And if you haven't noticed
If you can't tell
I don't really give a **** anymore

I've given up on people
Given up on humanity

So I don't really care anymore
Do you wanna settle the score
Tax all the poor
Lie upon the floor
Knock on Heaven's door
Because I really don't give a **** anymore

So I woke up yesterday
With nothing to say
Maybe I'm to blame
The reason things are going this way
Maybe the world's spinning
A little too fast

The race is beginning
So run or be last
The sky is turning red
The grass blue
My world's gone crazy
How are you?

So I don't have a care anymore

I'm done with my chores
And giving money to the stores
And fighting those **** wars
Because frankly
I don't give a **** anymore

So you're reading all those fairy tales
About the dragons with the silver scales
And the horses with silk tails
And the angry white whales
Well it's time to wake up
To reality
I wanna break it to ya
But that's just me
Because you're too scared to see
And too ignorant to believe
That life isn't fantasy
But then again
I don't really care anymore

It burns me to the core
That you're such a filthy *****
Who hurts the weak
And steals from poor
But I guess it's just because
I don't really give a **** anymore

I don't know what to do
I can't think straight
What's false, what's true
Can't forget how to hate

So do you run from all your fears
Are too scared to fight
Can you see through your tears
Into hellish night
So listen to me honey
Life is rough
It won't just rain money
So you gotta get tough
Gotta fight for rights
And for your cause
Because when out goes the lights
Life doesn't have a pause
I don't really care anymore

I guess I was hoping for a little bit more
Because life is one hell of a bore
So tell me, love
What are you fighting for
Things are ending just like before
But this time
I don't care anymore
Written by
Haylin  16/Gender Fluid/Lost in this cruel world
(16/Gender Fluid/Lost in this cruel world)   
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