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Mar 2018
it’s not your fault, none of this is.
it’s not ignorance that makes you so naive.

it’s your purity,
your brokenness,
your stubbornness
and your refusal to believe
that you are worthy of at least an ounce of love, a minute of time.
and i am so sorry the world has tossed and turned
your heart, bruised beyond repair.
it still beats
but with the sounds of loneliness
and all your favorite songs.
i am sorry all you’ve ever known
is to be alone,
so much that you do not know how to accept love.

i am losing my mind
seeing you so lost, so lonely.
how i wish i could take your hand
and lead you through these roads
i myself do not know well,
but would navigate just for you.
how i wish i could loosen your blindfold
for you to see the way.

silly you—
how many more hearts are you going to break
until you realize that you do
because you are loved?
Written by
tamia  Philippines
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