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Oct 2012
Waves crash, and safety is on the mind
How could I save you? If safety is so hard to find
I hold on to you, while you hold on to me, just two people drifting unwillingly through time
But all we do is we fall together, and as our souls hit the surface we produce a chime
A certain sound we produce gives us power to pick ourselves up again
Fall again
Reach the surface again
Until one day we both become split in half, and our struggles are no longer true
For if I am not safe, how could I save you?
And we realize that we cannot continue lying to each other, and we realize that at last…
So we look up to the gardens, Ow the gardens are so vast
Each depart with kisses and hugs that will always patch our wounds and wipe our tears
With hopes and ambitions that will **** our fears
With memories and photographic imagination that will bring back the cheers
For one day, in another life, we shall find ourselves back again
Fall again
Reach the surface again
Silently in space, for no sounds shall we produce, because in another life, we won't have to carry ourselves back again, we can just lie down
Enjoy the skies pink and the grounds no longer brown
Enjoy the vicinity of timelessness and the insecurities not found
Enjoy our hearts in eternities for a rush of our eternal bound
Step back and imagine…because this is our future…this is our end
This is the message; tombstones are trying to send…
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
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