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Mar 2018
I know that it's hard
You can feel the anger and frustration rising up from your core
unsure of whether it will seep out of your eyes or your lungs
You're not sure how to react
Do you tear down everything in sight
or do you crawl into bed for the rest of week
letting yourself fall into darkness

The reality is, you'll do both
Some days you'll want to yell at the top of your lungs
You'll want to throw rocks at windows
rip all your pictures and throw them in the fire
And on other days you'll want to be left alone
in the warm comfort of your bed and your room
with a box of tissues and the saddest music you can find

I know you don't understand why it had to be you
Why you had to be the one to feel so broken
Out of all the people in the world, it had to be you
What did you ever do to deserve this
I know you'll feel tempted to blame yourself
for the hurt caused by someone else

It's not your fault
It's not your responsibility to control someone else's actions
The fact is, you can't change what happened
As much as you want to, you can't turn back time
What's done is done and now you're left in the rubble
I know that that's not fair
Nothing seems fair enough

Everything will hurt
Trying to get up in the morning with a fake smile on your face
Watching the people in your life so full of joy
Forcing yourself to try to do anything but pity yourself
It's not easy and you need to give yourself more credit
I know that when you say you're doing okay
you probably aren't, and that's okay

It won't be okay for a while
I wish I could tell you it will but that's not true
It will **** today, tomorrow and the next day after that
You'll have happy days, but you won't be happy
You'll have to deal with the outcome every day

I know you may not believe it or even want to hear this but
at some point, you'll wake up and it'll hurt a little less
At the end of the day, you are the person you're left with
You will learn how to let yourself feel better
because if you don't, who will
Remember that you don't deserve to feel sad forever
You deserve the chance for happiness
You deserve it all
I'm rooting for us
Written by
abby  21/toronto
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