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Mar 2018
My boyfriend asked me what did I want to eat

It is not funny and I’m not trying to make a relatable meme

For me, deciding whether I’d like ice cream or cake is a task I sort of fear

Anxiety is not nice to you when you need to decide where to go to get dinner.

You see, I need to evaluate certain specific particular things

Such as the distance to the place in kilometres or feet
I might feel like drinking tea but isn’t the weather too hot? I don’t know you tell me,
I prefer if you chose, but wait should I keep it low on calories?
The price is okay for you? I don’t know how much that burger exactly costs.
Maybe we should go somewhere we know, or should we try something new?

Wether is showering in the morning or at night,
Wether is choosing what words to use in WhatsApp,
Wether is having breakfast or skipping to lunch,
Wether is drinking on a week day or spending the night,

Anxiety is not nice to you when you need to decide how to live the small things in your day to day life.
sans screens
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sans screens
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