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Mar 2018

moon bird,
fire song,
tremoring desire,

dreams of love
soft as a cloud
carrying the grey rain.


a gorgeous winter sky,
the deeps tattooed
with light,
the sea a soft
shanty waiting
for the summer


sharp breath of air,
lips like soft petals
of rose,
legs loud with longing

carrying love
like a cloud carrying
rain, crazy in love
with your heart
i'm your shiny mistress
all gold like the weak
winter sun.


i melt with desire,
black rock and
sighing sky,

i ache in your arms
a storm cloud before
the blowsy wind.


iron sea,
breaking waves
in a watery harbour
of light,

kisses and sighs,
slow dance,
loving you
like the blossoming
light, like the
sea sweeping down.
beth stclair
Written by
beth stclair  England
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