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Oct 2012
This guilt will eat me up like a cancer.
I am always asked, but cannot answer.
Burdened by this monstrous being
That I keep feeding.
I cannot take it.
I do not believe I can make this.
Breathing in the poisonous vapors.
I cannot escape.
Rushing through my veins.
This addiction.
It is taking me on a wild ride.
There is no point to hide.
It will always be by my side.
Be a part of me.
Blinded and I cannot see.
Becoming one with my demon.
Giving him control.
All the answers will forever be untold.
I am breaking out of my mold.
This mask
That I can no longer grasp.
To hide behind.
Why does lust have to be such a crime?
Jessica Heagy
Written by
Jessica Heagy
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