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Oct 2012
Here I am again…
A love once lost.
I tried to stay so strong.
I tried to stay away.
I fell in love with a different man,
And yet I know that at any moment,
You can steal my heart once again.
As easy at that sounds,
How hard is it for me to leave?
Words have been said and promises made.

Am I as cruel as a person that I imagine myself to be?
If I broadcasted my thoughts to the world,
Would they think I’m pure and righteous?

I know the answer.
I know they wouldn’t.
I am as dark as a shallow cave, that even the moon will not greet.

Now, which man shall I choose?
The one who would do anything for me?
Or the one I would do anything to have?

Oh, how his venom still swirls in my blood!
Like a sickening disease, like a drug!
I am caught in this turmoil and I am unsure of the escape.
Unsure of the plan…
Does my heart still bleed from that fateful end?
Am I willing to throw away everything just to be alone?
Does my voice get a say or am I just a trophy to these men?
Good or bad,
which side shall I choose?
Why can I not make up my mind!?

If I chose bad,
I know I’ll be unhappy and sad.
Yet, since I’m evil as well,
I know I’ll have my fun.

But, if good is my choice,
Then I’ll share my smiles and laughs.
Yet, I am afraid of seeing that ring on my hand.

I am young and still lack the intellect and experience of life.
Terrified of the unknown.
Yet, terrified of knowing.
Am I happy?

I am unsure.
Jessica Heagy
Written by
Jessica Heagy
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