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Apr 2018
I close my eyes-hard.
Nostrils flare with each long drag.
Please don't hurt me.
Instead of rage slapping me across the face, soft thick fingers clasp under my chin and lift my head upwards.
I dare to peak.
Trauma-strung fears force my body to shake unintentionally.
His eyes are dark and cold, his jaw tense.
I stop breathing. Force my throat to swallow.
His lips part and I flinch in preparation of a good scolding.
His thumb traces my bottom lip then swiftly drops his hand to my neck and grasps it firmly.
My eyes widen-my body-my mind freezes.
He moves in for the ****- presses his soft devil lips against mine.
My heart stopped beating.
Cindy Long
Written by
Cindy Long  28/Non-binary/Not from earth anymore..
(28/Non-binary/Not from earth anymore..)   
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