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Mar 2018
wake up.
why won’t you just stand up?
open your eyes.
i refuse to believe any of the universe’s lies.

stop this.
i hate to reminisce,
don’t let this be true.
we’ve got so many dreams and wishes to pursue.

i don’t understand.
this wasn’t planned,
this is too soon.
who gave three women the right to cut one string?

but no one knows how one string
can affect everything.
once whole,
now two,
frayed at the edges where the scissors broke through.

please, don’t you see what you’re doing to me?
i can’t stop the tears from running free,
can’t stop the sobs from shaking my whole body.
help, please, help, anybody, everybody, somebody.

no matter how much I hold my hands over my ears,
i can hear the universe’s words loud and clear.
no matter how much I wish it for it not to be true,
i know that you’re gone.

nobody knows.
nobody understands I suppose.

i didn’t even get a goodbye.
all I can do now is look to the sky.
and while I may not be able to see you again,
i hope you’ve watched me battle through this unknown terrain.
because if there’s one thing I’ve come to learn,
it’d be that I didn’t know just how strong we can truly be.
i believe that there never has been, nor will there ever be, a poem that can truly capture every moment, every fleeting thought, and and every overwhelming silenced emotions that come to haunt a person when they lose someone. this one moment in time, just the few words that are shared or the sight seen by your own eyes, will always be with you, and the voice that it leaves behind in your head will never leave. so instead of letting it tear all you have down, let it inspire you..
Written by
ali  18/F/hidden within my words
(18/F/hidden within my words)   
   Broken Arpeggio and alexa
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