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Mar 2018
Feeling powerful and powerless at the same time
like being in a self driving

Love is the world's stupidest illusion like putting on sunglasses and being convinced that the world outside has gone colder

love is a series of inane coincidences
collapsing perfectly into meaning
like JK Rowling deciding to be a stand-up comedian and calling herself JK ROFL

Love is reading a self help book to change your life
and pretending to not hear the writer laughing at you
inside the hardcovers

Not being in Love is like listening to an imaginary song and being afraid the music will fall out of your ears

Not being in love is like calling yourself proactive for taking
the alternate route to avoid the traffic jam ahead
only to find yourself driving alone in an extremely ****** road and reaching an hour late instead

Not being in love is like a song born out of misunderstanding and miscommunication that somehow hits no 1 on billboard and now you have to pretend its scenarios to be factual

Love is a soft comfortable couch to take your depression nap in

Love is falling for a person who is high thinking they have sad eyes

Love is the panic attack you get when you are high
because your hands are sweating in cold December

Love is the realisation that
it's actually mid Summer
and you were wearing sunglasses this whole time
PC classic
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PC classic  27/M
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