Oct 2012

There is a Higher power in the poison-
Rather, there is a level of arsenic on the pages.
You keep licking your righteous  fingers,
turning desperate for the answers.

You don't feel that?
Self-loathing in your naive mind-

Walking Into the Sea
Suffering to hold your breath
Your legs Once afraid become numb
Your legs once afraid become numb

-Once afraid
Once afraid
Once afraid

Once afraid you asked yourself,
"What does it all mean?"

Now you are someone drowning in their prohibitions--
What truth and meaning? Carrying his symbol out to sea.

The gospel that beheads with its very reading
A choir sets off a thousand bombs in fallacy
Crucifies crowds of innocent listeners
Mutilating them indiscriminately

-Once afraid
once afraid
once afraid

Once afraid!! You stood up for yourself,

"You will not humiliate me,

opress me,

or abuse me."

I remember those words so clearly.

Have you forgotten through years of denial?
'Cause now those sharp words have eroded in the thrashing


Mistakes desire joy beyond what a body can offer
Women don't let them proclaim, "You are something to be owned"
Children, heed this message:

'They are sly protect each other'

And the preachers are teaching to, Deny-
Deny them real healing, pray when their mentality slips on by.

-Once Afraid
Once Afraid
Once Afraid!!

Once afraid of the arsenic, on the pages.

Lest ye be judged, judge away Judge away

There is a Higher power in the poison-
Rather there is a strange after-taste, after taste,
In my mouth past all the harmless imperfections.
You had spent your whole life staring out.
Staring out...

But now, until now...


Walking Into the Sea, Suffering

Hold your breath till it
Gets away, gets away
gets away.

Get away...

Tell me you don't feel that.

The second definition of a pharisee- a good title for it I think.
2. A hypocritically self-righteous person.
Trying to write a song, I think it will do wonderfully. :)
Every Morning Reborn
Written by
Every Morning Reborn  WI
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