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Mar 2018
It was heard in every place
The tragic loss of a man of thought,
A researcher of time and space,
A down to earth astronaut.

But he wasn’t “down to earth”,
Instead he was quite the opposite
Incredible ideas and theories
A creativity that would never quit
He’d stand on the shoulders of giants
He stands even though he sits.

He’s Superman in a floating space station
And though he lost at quantum chess,
His ideas are heard in every nation
Of a great man, you would expect no less.

So how do we cope you may ask?
How does one recover in a world so weary,
Well surprisingly enough he gave us the answer.
It’s his Hawking Radiation Theory.

Hawking radiation weakens a black hole
But this is more than just celestial entities.
It can describe coping as a whole.
Or instead coping as a hole, you see.
Like his theory, grief diminishes over time.
We learn to move on and remember.
We write the legacy he built in his prime.
And we make a flame from the dying ember.
A flame!
A beacon!
To light the future and radiate through all of creation.
Radiate through all of time!
Now that’s Hawking Radiation.
Stephen Hawking was a man who defied all forces who tried to stop him, including himself! He showed the true potential that people can have and he is one of the reasons why I plan to study Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering. So that I can work with a space agency and live my dream of aiding in research regarding space.  His death was one of the most shocking things I have heard in my life and it spurred me to write this in memory of Stephen William Hawking.
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