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Mar 2018
Black is the bad guy
Shut the blinds when he's around
He is the villain in every story
And his cousin white,
walks away in misplaced glory

White is the good guy
The ideal paragon
Pleasantly paralleling black's life
White is peace,white is calm
White is shelter in a raging storm

I believe in black though
I believe he is misconstrued
To walk his path alone
Black won't ever be a rainbow
But black still longs to shine
Still wants to glow

I watch white scatter
Scatter away
From the pretentious veneer
It is an oblivious red
A ***** yellow
So much more
Than a perfect intangible rainbow

And black waits patiently
It waits for white
To take over the pleasantries
After a dreary night

White is the guy
That took you to the party
Black is the one
Who tried to make sure
You return home safely.

White is a menagerie
Of beautiful words
Like antiquities
For looking,not touching
Black is simple words
written beautifully

But you are blind
Blind to the fancy layers
Of white's games
Blind to the many colors
Blind to what's uncertain
Blind to black's good intent

Little specks of white on black
Is a starlit sky
And streaks of black on white
Is what everyone has
But tries to hide

Gradually the sun goes
And the virtue of white
Is nothing without
Outer light

But in space
where white abandons you
Gravity fails to console you
Black wraps around you
Like a blanket
Comforting you
Reminding you of all the nights
You slept peacefully in its embrace

But when the moon is gone
We worship the sun
Moon is for blank canvases
Sun is for life
Sun is for love
Sun is for white
Sun is the incandascent hope
Sun is humankind
Wrapped in a ball of luminous might.

Black realizes it is vain
Misunderstood,muted,a menace
In a world blissfully broken
Beautifully burnt
Blatantly barren
And Bleakly - dark

So it departs
It takes the spirits
It takes the ghosts
It takes the dark along

We see the sun at night
Such harsh , abrasive light
Shines for immortal eternity
Reigning over a kingdom
That no longer reveres it

We tell our children
"Once there was the peaceful dark
He'd fight away light
He loved the stars
We knew we were real
Because of the shadows of our heart
But he left along with his children
Because the ruthless white
Wanted humanity all for itself
Once there was black
Once there was a backdrop
For the good deeds and iridescent
Hope to shine against
Now there is white
And it shines , shines
It shines away
Till we desire a black sky"
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