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Mar 13
his parents are ascetically grieving
he only wants to look aesthetically pleasing
in his own mind he’s fine, he’s normal, he’s great
in their minds, they ask themselves, ‘what did we create?’
they’re never proud, not unless he’s their perfect little boy
and he’s only that way if he lets them treat him like their toy
she’s bearing weight like atlas with religious and outdated morals
the only way she can speak with her family’s in quarrels
she’s only herself, if they’d just understand
they act like her feelings are emotional contraband
zie’s just hirself
what’s wrong with that
hir family beats hir down with a mental bat
they say that it’s fine
they don’t think it is
what do they expect hir to do, when they can’t even live with what is?
zie cannot be a person who does not exist
all zie can do is just try to resist,
if it’s
the only thing that keeps hir alive
and it fits
zie is never gonna try to come back to this
if they can’t accept them, then someone else can
but who will accept the outcasts, the fallen
who will welcome them with open arms?
it's the lullaby of most transgenders
Francis Rowell
Written by
Francis Rowell  15/FTM/Lost, probably
(15/FTM/Lost, probably)   
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