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Mar 13
My heart stops.
I'm on the ground.
My life flashes past in an instant.
I see you smiling, laughing and enjoying.
What will you do without me now?
Please don't cry because of me.
Please forget me and leave.
I lift up my hand.
Great, I'm bleeding.
Suddenly I feel your heart bleeding out as I will.
The people crowd around me.
I can hear the ambulances
But all I can think of is you.
I'm gonna miss you so much when I'm gone
Which is ironic, because I won't be there to miss you.
Don't follow me whatever you do.
I need to know that you're safe.
I'm carried, into an ambulance probably
And feel myself zooming through the roads
Within a minute, I'm at the hospital.
I'm carried out and into a room
But I won't make it out alive, I know.
Please, don't let me break your heart
Forget our happy days, forget my name
And find someone new to love.
I'm still bleeding, most likely to death
And I'll never see your face again
The world seems to disappear
And I put a smile on my face
And say goodbye to a world once dear.
This is the alternate version, the view of the boy in my previous poem going back home.
Written by
Duava  F/Nerdfighteria Island
(F/Nerdfighteria Island)   
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