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Mar 13
When i said
“Stay with me”
Or “don’t leave”
I didn’t necessarily mean physically
Im Stuck between trying to remember
And trying to forget
You taught me not to live with regret
And sometimes i wish we never met
Dont mind my words
But thats just my mind speaking
You know my heart is true
And my hands do the talking
“Are you in a hurry?”
Cuz i can take my time
I guess a quick shot at love
Is better than wasted time with ****
Understand where im coming from
Now youre far away
My eyes dont see you anymore
Only when i close them
When i think of you
When I dream of you
And i don’t deserve it
I wish i could reverse it
You said “man, we live in such a weird world”
But i didnt care
Because we were never normal
“The universe is cruel”
I said
“But we learn to enjoy the torture”
Write you a picture
Written by
Write you a picture  23/Other/earth
     Cynthia Montano, CLARYT and APriCoT
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