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Mar 2018
the oriental notion of meditation is far,
far from a reflection...
            since how can a posit of a reflection
bound to nothing: spell out m    i     r      r     o     r?
sure, upon the myre?
                scandinavian word for: ant.

the oriental notion of meditation
works towards, less a narrative,
  which is the most genuine off-shoot of
the patience tested,
               and more toward a reflex...
        in the orient reflection = the reflex,
and i gather than the latter instance
has many forms...
                       -ion = the,
as if there really was something definite
to grasp...
                 when the reflective becomes
synonymous worth of the reflexive...
                 meditation can only allow
a reflex analogy to a reflection,
      beginning work with re-,
or again, and again, again, toward no
apparent gain...

       only europe does meditation
precipitate into a written narrative...
              whatever alan watts says...
          even if "i" do not exist...
                         there is still an insisting
part of me that says i do,
which does not encompass a freedom of
         but rather an: insisting argument
for, a will...
                     harsh to allow definite parameters
into the argument:
               whether gender neutral
pronouns of the current year,
well... not so long ago there were
definite & indefinite pronoun applications,
notably in the plural form of: they, we, them...

             i.e. i might support a football team,
but i will not identify with the *******
                 i'm indefinite to the team,
but i'm definitely interested in the sport...
counter that? the ******* supported
care **** for the sport...
                        but cling to it,
on the basis of a team...
                      i prefer the sport...
   you can only go as far with
oriental reductionism...
            after a while the buffer zone
of atoms appear...
                can, do, will etc. are atoms,

                 c                    d                 m            s
      a                                                          o
             n                 o                       a             t

no one is expected to bleach their whole
heritage into a blank slate of arguments...
you'd be mad to suddenly drop
the heritage, the inheritance "tax" of
what culminates in you, as you,
to then turn to buddhism and argue for
a "you"...
                   last time i checked the pronouns
are off the palette of worthwhile
        but it doesn't require a foreign language
to tell you the inherent structures
of the english tongue...
   i once said: you can have an hour's
worth of conversation in polish,
and not utter, a single pronoun...
              not one!

                     english is structured differently,
you can't avoid it,
    but creating these "problems"
is, seemingly, what i was waiting for,
first the tongue as spider,
then the talk surrounding me requiring
a specific spiderweb architecture,
subsequently the flies...
                     hence me slobbering
my acid saliva readied for
       digestion outside the gut...
to subsequently slurp up...

                             whatever happened in
the anglophone world in the 1960s
with bruce lee and zen buddhism...
   that's gone... way gone...
            proxy warfare has reached its end,
look how the proxy war overlords are
bothered about the syrian civial war...
                    can't exactly fit a proxy when
a syrian butcher is fighting a syrian
cobbler, can 'ya?!
                                      thought not.

  oriental meditation / reflection deals
with an immediacy to prompt "thought",
or rather, the moral lack of: a need for compass -
unconscious they knew, as so they bred,
to reach a swelling point in their populace...
since they meditated toward a reflex activity...
western "meditation"?
               with an immediacy to prompt
narration, subsequently "thinking",
with the reflex being condensed to a knee ****...

but an oriental escape is cheap...
   to borrow from these lands is horrid...
          i once tried tao,
and all i learned was but one maxim:
  - the best way to help the world,
is to allow the world to forget you,
and for you to forget about the world
sqout's honour cross my heart:
   that's all i ever learned from tao...
makes sense, considering that's
how i am both reflective and reflexive about...
what with so many "truths" spewed
by western philosophers...
   it's actually hard to master a
reflexive momentum given so many
reflective opportunities to try out...

  at least in oriental philosophy
meditation breeds one reflexive offensive,
rather than in western philosophy's
meditation, that breeds many reflective
                 ******* peacocks...
                         (a) to (b) will do just fine...
you don't require as many truths
as are given, with only a few being
tested in a vestor vacuum of
                   excluding so many others...    

so i live by that one tao lesson alone...
        this pixel space?
sure, it's public, but it's an extension
of thinking, rather than speaking...
       what you see, you see,
                                    at your own peril.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  34/M/Essex (England)
(34/M/Essex (England))   
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