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Mar 2018
Locked behind caged ribs,
Left to destroy just the inside,
Left to be my secret; mine to hide.

Buried in but tearing at its prison walls.

Lied for my pride,
Not wanting to be supplied with aid,
No need for some peace of mind.

Little ripples of discomfort,
Form spasming as it slither under my skin,
Leaving a sensation that brings agony in its wake.

Little creature that lives within my chest,
You bring me to my knees and curling into my own frame.

None shall know of this little being,
It cannot be seen by another eye.
All that is known is the sensation and state it leaves me in.
The little being that ripples underneath my flesh, and lives in my delicate form as it tears at it home for no real purpose but just to leave its reminding mark within in my heart.
None can get rid of it permanently, it already has festered deep within and cannot not be extracted, it will be with me till the very end.
AD Snail
Written by
AD Snail  Gender Fluid
(Gender Fluid)   
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