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Mar 2018
You still think about us, I know you do... I trust you do,
but you know, however much it does hurt,
some things are better left at that.
We'll always be miles, worlds and an hour apart...
I once told you that you would outgrow us someday,
it's your right to grow, to find yourself. I loved you,
I love you and love you I always will,
but that is as much as it goes,
you found a love deeper and closer than I could ever get.
You were a bird, I nurtured you to fly, let nothing hold you back.
Not even me, ours were dreams born dead,
I would hate to think we buried them alive.
Am a poet, it's my curse to write about love and not have it,
I even found someone, as understanding as you,
little less beautiful but understanding, she has someone else as well.
So it's my destiny, not to find someone I can call home,
I am a wanderer in this life, a rudderless ship in a shoreless ocean,
I am just that thought you'll have only when you're feeling low,
at midnight when you're alone. Am just a poet,
only words can love me and not let go.
So do not hurt yourself looking back,
it's not where you're headed, go for greatness...
sadness is my home, sobs are my laugh
and lonely is my company, I already made peace with that,
that's why I have to let you fly.
Ignatius Hosiana
Written by
Ignatius Hosiana  24/M/Kampala-Uganda
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