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Mar 2018
We all fall
But the question is whether we we fly
Like a baby bird first jumping from a tree
There is always a possibility we won’t fly
And yet some sore
They sore as people like me fall
People like me fall the same way as others fly
We flap our wings and smile
Cause we were all told smiling is uplifting
And yet people like me fall
Fall behind everything else
And just before we hit the ground
We feel like we can fly
But hit the ground anyway
And the crash of the fall is enough
Enough to make people who sore
Fly a little lower to the ground
If not only for a little while
Just as we were only in the air
Only for a little while
How how
Uplifting in the way that falling makes others
Look like they’re rising
And I’m falling
So that maybe someone can rise .
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