Mar 13
Every today I will love you;
Every today I will stare at a photo of you;
For a minute or two;
Because I really miss you.
I tried so much to not need you,
But it only made me need you more,
Much more than I did every yesterday.
The love I thought would fade away,
Only got stronger at the end of every yesterday.

Every today is filled with unending opportunities,
Enough time for us to gain new experiences,
To explore certain uncertainties,
To settle all our existing differences.
Every today is a fresh start for you and I,
We just have to make sure each day is fully utilized.

In my eyes you are perfect.
In all your imperfections,
With all your flaws,
One look at you and the ice in my heart thaws.
Because for me you are more than enough,
I love you in your best and your worst.

I love you.
I love every single version of you.
Despite all the scars and the stories behind them that has made you.
It is true.
You know it is.
Because I never ran away from you.
Not when you let me into the deepest parts of you.
The parts no one else saw or knew.
Not when I'm at the receiving end of that smile.
That rare grin that looks so annoyingly perfect on you,
That is so damn contagious I can't help but grin too.

Better believe that every tomorrow,
I will stand by your side,
I will help you with your inner struggles,
I will make it easier for you,
Because​ that's what I'm here to do.
And always remember;
These words I have said,
For I will love you more every tomorrow,
Than I did every today.
I wrote this to my boyfriend to remind him that distance will not be a determiner in our relationship.
Rahama Abdulkadri
Written by
Rahama Abdulkadri  17/F
     Megan B, NuBlaccSoul and APriCoT
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