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Mar 2018
I love you more than you’ll ever know, but I have to let you go.. because while you have grown to become my everything, I’m beginning to see how I’ve fallen to be just a convenience for you in return. I can’t allow you to play with my head anymore as you leave me on read when I ask you how your day is.. but then respond a few days later when you need a favor. I can’t allow you to play with my heart anymore when on a day that you do reply, you make it seem like you can’t live without me.. & if I just so happen to get lucky enough to be graced with your presence, your actions of what I mean to you never reflect the words spoken just a few hours before. So I have to love me more, especially with you.. because if I allow this to continue you’ll turn me into the villain.. & somewhere, someone out there still needs me to be their hero.
Written by
Douglas Goins  28/M/Florida
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