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Mar 2018
We walk down the street thinking,
about what the people behind us,
could possibly be saying about us.
We do this instead of minding our own business.

We center the world around us,
like it disappears when we blink.
I have news for you,
not everything has to do with you.

Just because someone is mad,
doesn't mean they are mad at you.
Just because someone is crying,
doesn't mean you did anything wrong.

There are a lot of confusing things about this world.
But none of things,
have anything to do,
with one,
human being.

The world circles the sun,
not some creature,
that is infinitely smaller,
than the world itself.

You better find yourself a new hobby,
because thinking about yourself all of the time,
it isn't good.
The Unsung Song
Written by
The Unsung Song  18/M/Springfield, MO
(18/M/Springfield, MO)   
   Bella Isaacs
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