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Jan 27
i march to my own drummer
i lead my own parade
i do not travel other's paths
i go on one i made

i move in my own orbit
i'm at least two notes off key
i fill in words i make up
okay, then maybe three

If I am not  what you want
And you think that I am strange
It doesn't bother me at all
Don't try to make me change

I laugh when others near me don't
It doesn't matter what you see
I'm not that different in the end
I'm no-one else, I'm just me

I know my shirt in inside out
Or is it really outside in?
At least I have a shirt to wear
So, to me that is a win

As I have aged, I've changed a bit
All I ask is leave me be
You can do just what you want
I'll understand, cause I'm just me

It doesn't matter who you are
Just let me live my life
You shouldn't care how I hold my fork
Or in which hand I hold my knife

I march to my own drummer
Sometimes I go and yell at trees
I like my world the way it is
I'm not you, I'm just me
Roger Turner - Poet
Written by
Roger Turner - Poet
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