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Mar 2018
I did not like pro wrestling -
No sir - I found it rough.
All the blood and weirdy fakeness!
And dudes almost in the buff!?!

I did not dig pro wrestling -
I found it most uncouth!
I found it much beneath me -
If you must know the truth.

Then I finally watched pro wrestling...
To prove to a cute boy I wasn't a fool.
And ******* I must now humbly confess -
At least - Shawn Michaels.... is pretty cool!
My husband grew up watching wrestling and I being one of three girls was never exposed to it and definitely had a predjudice against it. But honestly if nothing else  it turns out it can be pretty funny and we even had Stone Cold Steve Austinโ€™s entrance music as our entrance music to our wedding reception..and it was awesome (Shawn Michaelsโ€™ music is still my favorite though but wildly inappropriate for that venue :))
Written by
J  Wake Forest, NC
(Wake Forest, NC)   
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