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Mar 2018
Dear great river stream
I am longing for you inside my dream
Peacefully running towards the sea
A familiar feeling of home provided to me

Nothing seems to stand in your way
A path created over time without delay
At leisurely pace you're running by
A beautiful day beneath the blue sky

Treacherous your water can be
Though I am not afraid, as you can see
Always drawn back to you
The sound of water, the pretty view

Regardless of which time or place
A river running by I always embrace
Providing stability, a glimpse of home
Making every location a part of my own
An ode to the rivers, who remind me of my hometown...
Written by
Flo  M/Constantly Roaming
(M/Constantly Roaming)   
     Pradip Chattopadhyay, --- and Flo
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