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Mar 2018
Simon is the funny one.
He tells the jokes.
The laughter from others makes him prideful of his humor.

Oscar is the smart one.
4.0 through and through.
The books are his playground.
Logically sound mind.

Chris is the envious one.
Leering at those who sleep on their bed of diamond and gold.
He wants it all.

Isaac is the conniving one.
A word, a note, a lie, and someone's life is in shambles.
Silver-tongued devil.
His best friend is Chris.

Oliver is the sad one.
Built on tears and tragedy.
He keeps the bottle close.
A gun, even closer.

Paul is the charmer.
A smile with the gleam of pearls.
Seductive by nature.
Him and Simon are like brothers.

Anthony is a sadist.
A few screams get him off.
He likes the smell of copper.
Flesh is the canvas for his art.

Tim is evil by nature.
He wants to taste people's fear.
An insatiable hunger for their life.
He's been away for years though.
Locks and chains keep him in a cell.
Tim is waiting.
Waiting for them to rust and break.

Hunter is my name.
Simon, Oscar, Chris, Isaac, Oliver, Paul, Anthony, and Tim are all my friends.
It's been a long time since I've seen Tim though.
He'll be visiting one day.
See you then, old friend.
A single word to put the whole thing together.
Written by
Hunter Stewart  West Monroe L.A.
(West Monroe L.A.)   
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