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Mar 2018
The rush
The violence
Ruling our world
Hearts being pulled
And conquered by hate
**** isn’t this great
Go ahead and eat
What’s on your plate
You fixed this meal
So don’t complain
When your wounds won’t heal
Because you picked your scabs
From the places you stabbed
Except this you
That I keep referring too
Isn’t just one soul
Because each of us know
In our own hearts
That we have played our part
In the madness of this world
So why isn’t love being poured?
And kids being nurtured
Instead of silently tortured
Inside some home
Where love has never been shown
Nothing here is fair
So when are we gonna rise up
And actually care?
Just watching the news lately and hearing about the case with the kids who were being tortured by their own parents so sad, but I believe we can change this world if we really try and each of us doing our own small things will help.
Poetry of the unstable
Written by
Poetry of the unstable  20/F/Nashville
       Zach, Hedgehog, A'ishah, rose and Hannah
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