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Feb 2018
O I'm well tired
My poor feet are bigger than
normal that's not good

I know what a big
elephant feels like now with
there big stompy feet

And it's o so cold
outside that winters trying
to get in my house

I can feel it's bite
What a cheek it as , get out
of my house winter

go outside to the
trees cause no matter what you
do the trees stand tall!

Yeah take that winter!!
And see your fluffy snowflakes
They can shoo off too

Because all they do
is shut down the schools buses
and all train stations

And it melts way to
fast to build a snowman , all
that's left is puddles''

Oh slushy mushy
Fussy crushy lushy snow
Pushy offy please
Fed up with winter roll on spring :) this was inspired today after watching snowflakes full down x
Written by
Donna  F
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