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Feb 2018
A silhouette cross by
Like a rock star
Metal probe in his back
With alpha heart
Pointed somewhere, and
Trigger a prey

Probably, the last cry
Human, it was.

Fired more metals
Without, excuse to say

I probably,
enjoyed a view
of bloodshed
being a cannibal
waiting for a fest.

It is hard to live
Harder to feel
20-40-90, and more to count
Bang…. Bang….Bang
A fetus got a medal, before his birth
A mute got a medal, no one to hear

I turned my face towards the light
As their life have no input to mine.

Later that night,
I wake up,
before a dawn
a nasty smell of sulfur, over my surround.

Was it my smell, when I was born?
If it is not me, then who cares?

I heard an inner voice,
"Silence is a curse for humanity".
I scream loud,

Low frequency chants from UN, I  heard,

How can,
rest in peace, be help?
Pray is not what, they asked for,
they are calling for help,
Irony, we just pray.
Genre: Free Verse
Theme:A moment to Syria.
Mystic Ink Plus
Written by
Mystic Ink Plus  M/Nepal
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