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Feb 2018
Where are you?

you’re gone
because you thought I wanted you gone
but I didn’t want you gone
yes I said I wanted you gone
but you weren’t supposed to listen.

when I said that I was sure
I wasn’t really sure
I just needed you to fight,
to put up a fight for me
but you didn’t.

I think you cared a little
but you didn’t care a lot
and a little just wasn’t enough.

enough enough
why am I
not enough
for you to insist to stay?

enough enough
enough enough
I really have
had enough.

if only you were here
you could’ve given me
enough for me to be.
Marlo Qi SilhouetteOfADeadKid
Written by
Marlo Qi SilhouetteOfADeadKid  14/Gender Fluid
(14/Gender Fluid)   
   TJ Shadows and Colin Makgill
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