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Sep 2012
You may read this and not understand
but I guess that makes two of us.

I have this impossible need to cry.
I want to cry and I want someone to see.
Maybe if they see they will understand.
They probably wont understand.
I have no words for this feeling that burns inside me
without words,
crying seems like the only way to get it out.
I want it out.

If I tried to give it words,
I would use,
drowning and suffocating and trapped.
But thoes are just words
and they do not prevail what is pinning me to the floor of my soul.
Its force is unyeilding
and I endlessly long for a way to express its power,
but it seems that a power so strong cannot be expressed.
Not by words and not even by tears.
But maybe if there were tears
someone would hold me
and lie to me.
Tell me that it's all going to get better.
Thats what people do, we comfort each others sorrows
even if we don't posses the sorrows of the other.

So maybe I will cry.
And maybe someone will care.
I could not come up with a title that didn't sound horribly clichΓ©. Suggestions?
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