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Feb 2018
Let me begin by saying that
this is not me asking you out.

This is me telling you,
and countless others on the internet,
that I think you're a really great person.

You are an incredibly kind person,
and honestly, I'm surprised my *******-ish
ways haven't scared you off by now.

Now see, the thing is that
when I first saw you
I asked my friend who you were and
she called you "Reddit Man"
to which I scoffed.

The second time I saw you,
I did that stupid thing
where I slid up to where you were sitting
and the words
"So I hear you like Dungeons and Dragons."
fell clumsily out of my mouth and I
I turned red because that is not what I wanted to say.

It has been approximately forty-three days
since those stupid words clumsily fell out of my mouth
and we haven't talked about DnD since.
We have, however, talked about Reddit,
Jake Hill,
stalkerish 14-year-old girls,
and dogs vs cats.

Its been
Written by
lavender  18/Other/Mars
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