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Feb 2018
1. to experience with joy; take pleasure in.
2. to have and use with satisfaction; have the benefit of.
3. to find or experience pleasure for (oneself).
4. to undergo (an improvement).

I Am enjoying the present moment of my Life. I am enjoying being open to possibilities and opportunities. I am enjoying not knowing but Knowing that It is all Good.  Seeing the facts and Living in/with Truth and Love.  I Am enjoying being Grateful, Thankful and totally enjoying the Blessing that I have.  I am enjoying surrendering, letting go and opening up to Life.  I am enjoying releasing my word into the Law of Yes, knowing that it is done...everything.  I Am enjoying Celebrating all that I have, knowing it is all mine.  Enjoying the music, the fun, the ride that makes me shout; weeeeeeeeeee!
and so it is.
Curtis C
Written by
Curtis C  M/Memphis, TN
(M/Memphis, TN)   
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