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Feb 2018
The jubilee line
different take on a journey I make
because a change is as good as a
just doing my best to keep it fresh.

It's Friday and why not?
I know it was Friday a week ago
but things have a way of repeating
on me.

It'd be nice to say that this was the
better way, but it's so bleedin' cold and I'm shivering
if the heating was on and turned up to a reasonable temperature
I'd feel better

and then I'm
at Greenwich,
the 02 must refer to
the Fahrenheit scale.

Canary Wharf and Bermondsey
I can almost see that London bridge
is not falling down it's only sinking
might be me and my poor eyesight

Southwark then Waterloo
what do I do?
get off and wait underneath the clock?
taking stock of my situation and the weather and none whatsoever of the tick tock
I lock my sights on Bond street and the Central line
perhaps an interchange is as good as a rest too.

I missed out Westminster and Green park
easy to do in the dark when it's cold.

I opened my eyes to an announcement
the tannoy tells me Waterloo station is closed

I wasn't getting off there but I could have been
and might have been waiting forever underneath a clock and no one would ever know.

This is a nice line
a twin track to that
time when work wags
Its finger at me.

and that's it
no observations
on my fellow travellers,
possibly because the
carriage is empty,
I'm full of hope
and that's a good line
as well.
John Edward Smallshaw
Written by
John Edward Smallshaw  67/Here and now
(67/Here and now)   
     Shaded Lamp, --- and Weeping willow
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