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Mar 2018
I always thought you were sweet and unique
with a love for those who needed it most
and a forgiveness of those rejecting your arrival.
You told me stories I only now am skeptical of
a deep sadness you now so abundantly flaunt about.
You are very ambitious for a person who will so
willingly throw aside those who made it hard for you
to see the truth about yourself.
Tell me again about how much you care
if you ever told me in the first place.
Speak aloud your lies upon lies upon lies
while I, gullible, take it all in, not
knowing to take it with a grain of salt.
Where is the friend I once fought so hard for
who lifted me up and thanked me for all my good taste?
My taste hasn't changed at all, but the flavor has gone bad.
Rotten to the core by it's own spoiled upbringing
and living lavishly on one grain of rice
still obese with dumbness and recorded thoughts.
I will torture you as long as your continue to torture
me with whatever lies you spread to keep yourself afloat.
Tell me more about how I was only a stepping stone
to your ****** of ****** assault and he said - she said.
I hope you risk everything to be talked about by
everyone and remembered for nothing.
No one will pay respects to a thing that ultimately
respects no one and will do anything to be filled.
Ivy Leigh
Written by
Ivy Leigh  23/New Jersey
(23/New Jersey)   
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