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Feb 2018
By Daniel Lantigua

Up above watched, by the five thousand plus souls,
Came a voice that punctured in them some holes.
A tall man in a straw hat stood and said, "don't be sad, look at your
country don't you see, you died for freedom just like me."
Then before them all, appeared a scene of rubbled streets and twisted
Death, destruction, smoke and dust
And people working just cause they must.
Hauling ash, and lifting stones,
Knee deep in hell,
But not alone.

Beams bent and melted like your knees do when you knelt.
How could it be, my friend beside me in anguish is what she felt.
All the heat that is seen from the fire, pushing humans to melt.
All caused by the thunderous and horrific attacks that was dealt.

One man puts in perspective just like he did back when he uttered, "I
have a dream.." This is what I've seen,
Look closer newcomers, yes there is suffering, there is pain, and there
are tears,
But what I don't see is fear".

All of those people, even the ones that have never met you,
All of their lives, they will never forget you.
Don't you see what you have done?
You have brought them together, together as one.

A man bearded and in a stove pipe hat told them to "take my hand" for I
will lead you to heaven,
Your young ones like Michael, Louis, Dimitri and Devin
Shall remember you on this date of September 11.
Written by
Firebuns9  28/M
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