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Feb 2018
Growing up she wanted everything
She realized that sometimes you get nothing
Blessed and cursed her feelings ran deep
Talking so deep it’s hard to sleep
Hates to speak but knows what’s brewing
Holding on to what some would consider nothing
She takes it all so you don’t have to feel
Hardest fruit you’d ever peel
The pain runs throughout her heart like blood through veins
She hates to get wet but loves when it rains
She thought she lost you, well it felt like it
You tell her that the feelings are wrong
It’s all in her dome
She should be more tranquil
Maybe don’t wear that shirt
That style just won’t work
You don’t know but you’ve proved her point
But her feelings were wrong because she didn’t lose you she lost herself
Written by
Denecia  24/F
   Benji James
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