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Feb 2018
love hates logic
and logic hates love

love makes you cry
and leaves you brokenhearted
logic organizes your thoughts
and emotions instead

love asks questions
in times of unease
feelings that you wouldn't miss
logic asks questions
about how the world works
and how to improve it
using concepts you have learned

love makes you feel
your heart's pain
logic gives you something
to analyze with your brain

both love and logic
have problems of their own
but love becomes logic's problem
when she controls your emotions

this is the moment when logic
slowly pulls love from the heart
the heart becomes stronger like magic
and defends itself from the dark

logic and love must ensnare
what happens in the heart, it should stay there
the hurt must not spread to the whole
or the body fails, brain and all

when the heart is finally well
and free of all the dark emotions
love must return to her rightful place
for logic has his own place to stay

love must take care
not to hurt the heart again
must move on and see the light
for her future is always bright!
Joselito M Lagazo
Written by
Joselito M Lagazo  34/M/Philippines
     Salmabanu Hatim, --- and Rebel Heart
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