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Sep 2012
Words washed over me:
past the point of no return,
catching clarity at the elbow.

Arms limp at my sides,

a pugilist after 8 rounds with Ali,
suddenly realizing
he had been conserving his energy
while I hurled hay-makers
at uplifted gloves,

none of my hate hit home.

She spoke the knock-out blow
     or, the ghost of her voice...

"You have to admit to yourself
that ******* a stranger's
the only way you can hide anymore."

You only start listening
    after exhausting your arsenal.

The void of
       my mouth
swallowed her sentiments.  

  I took up the
      empty husk of her heart
  to make it my home,
            just to have a memento--

holding on to anything.

     On the ropes,
skipping chapters to
  take in the denouement
only to forget the characters' names.

But I couldn't ignore how
she closed the door;

not a slam
screaming passion, energy.


The door and jamb met resignedly--
children who can no longer play with one another.
Shane Hunt
Written by
Shane Hunt  Saturn
   Aimee Toney
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