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Feb 2018
What is the best time to think?
Many ponder existence in bed at night,
others contemplate life in the shower,
some question their knowledge in the dark with a nightlight.

What will school be like tomorrow?
Maybe I'll fail my Spanish test,
perhaps I'll make a new friend,
english will be boring, but in APUSH I'll try my best.

Why do I worry over everything?
I must learn to chill out,
I need to sleep sooner,
or I'll be up and about.

When will I do my homework?
There's tomorrow afternoon,
in bio before school,
or maybe at midnight in the light of the moon.

Why don't I have any friends?
I know I'm not amusing.
I don't try very hard,
in the game of life, I'm losing.

Why should I rhyme with every stanza?
It's not a given rule,
it's just my OCD,
just this time i will ignore it.

Why do I get these shower thoughts?
They just pop into my mind.
When I turn on the water,
I never know what I'm going to find.
Based on personal experience
Written by
LodHi-HidLo-LoLo  102/M/Northern Hemisphere
(102/M/Northern Hemisphere)   
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