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Feb 2018
My mind tricked my body into believing reality is an illusion
deeply rooted
in seclusion caused delusion.
If the shoe fits
tighten loose fits
with a noose fit
for your waist
hiken up those hand me downs
I might get up the might
to take a liking to
the sights and sounds
divide it up
and write it down
and share another view for you
and maybe switch your attitude
towards working towards your
some interesting app and views
on your social network laugh and use
it as a way of getting back at you.
Cuz I was never shown the ropes
We do a little do-si-do
in hopes that we can hold our own
when goin' toe to toe
most I know was grown in home
groan and moan
touchdown endzone
E.T... phone home
Throw sticks and stones
I'm at work ...your home alone
with nothing better to do so ...
get ahold
of that broad you know
with the older bro
the more brew he brings the less I know
'fo show....
The stage is set
so raise your bets
abstain, obsess,
complain, upset
down sweat ...
But we regress to benefit
encapsuled in
outlandish acts of fallacy
Don't be mad at me
cuz im moving up gradually
and actually
beatin mes a fantasy
That could only occur in your wildest dreams close your eyes
Look inside
Your minds eye..
Let the imagery
shift your tendencies..
Lecture me on pins and needles
The Seamless
seems stressed in the fetal position within but able to deal at her wits end wishing
she could talk just feels like no one would listen
Written by
         Elizabeth, Benji James, ---, Tyler, --- and 13 others
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